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US to relax H1B visa rules

OpulentusThe government of US has announced two proposals which include the rule of extending the employment authority of certain H1B workers in order to attract and retain skilled immigrants from countries such as India.

The administration of Obama has peacefully made the public its firm to use the executive authority to grant the new rules for H1B spouses and the new rules will allow the dependent spouses to appeal for a employment authority as long as they are married with to the H1B workers.

The law of United States has allowed to the employers to bring in the skilled workers through H1B visas.

The department of homeland security considers that this new rules will attract business and investment, and make sure that the country has most skilled workers worldwide.

In the previous years the USCIS granted over 65,000 H1B visas which was popular among the IT professionals and IT services.

US extend employment authorization to spouses of H-1B workers. New rules allow dependent spouses to request employment authorization

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UK government to relax the visa rules for Malawians – Opulentus

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The higher house of the British legislature which is the House of Lords asked the London government to relax the visa regulations for the travelers from Malawians with a legitimate reasons seeking for UK visas. Lord McConnell who is also a former minister for Scotland – the visa scheme rejects many travelers of Malawians from visiting UK.

He was also cited by the reporters on Tuesday saying that system is malfunctioned and is undoubtedly inconsistent and is deeply damaging in his point of view.

He stated that the measures taken are gratuitously compelling and from page 15 the application form which the travelers are suppose to fill, the jotting of passports to countries far away and the cashless system which instigate fee charges to use their credit card since people pay them cash and said that the poor people in the Malawian community month after month after being rejected to visit UK even if they have a legitimate reason.

My journey with Opulentus – Austria

Hi, I am here to narrate my experience how Opulentus has helped me in getting Austria red white red card. I approached Opulentus when I am interested to go to Austria through red white red card scheme. But I am not familiar with all the procedures and requirements. I don’t know even a single procedure and formalities to be followed and things to be done.

Opulentus has very good team of immigration counselors in place who handles all the requirements. They have studied my profile and said that I can easily get my application approved. They have explained me about entire process and procedure and guided me well throughout the process.

I submitted all the requested documents and taken up all the tests to qualify for processing the application. They backed me very well which made me to navigate easily throughout the process. I was inspired by the way they have worked and helped me in processing the visa.

They were very supportive and advices provided to me were really helpful. I felt that the processing free is too low when compared to other consultants. Your help is unforgettable and offered me the best assistance over all the times.

Finally, you made my application processed without any hurdles and troubles. Thanks to the whole team for assisting and guiding me well for the visa process. Thank you so much for helping me in getting my Austria red white red card. Thank you very much to the whole team.

Visa waiver for Chinese tourists – Opulentus

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The Malaysian tours and travel agents has been influencing the government to discharge a short term visa for the Chinese travelers during the coming lunar New Year period, in the interest to boost the arrivals from the market.

Hamzah – The visa waivers and the dispensation are striking ways to encourage the travelers to visit and spend a part of time in a particular place.

He also said that they won’t miss an opportunity of boosting their tourism and stimulates their economy by discharging a six month visa for the Chinese tourists especially for the coming lunar New Year.

He gave an example of Thailand and Japan where the growth in the graph was clearly shown in the tourism arrivals after the scrapping of the visa regulations.

Tourists from China have reduced from January to July by 11.8 percent which followed by the loss of Beijing bound Malaysian airlines and Sabah kidnappings – minister of tourism and culture, Mohamed Nazri.

The reactions from the trade to Malaysian tours and travel agents call has been mixed.

MATTA has been influencing the government to implement a short term visa for the Chinese travelers, in order to increase the boost in the tourism market.

Opulentus offers best support for Denmark green card process

I am here to share my experience how Opulentus helped me to get my Denmark Green card. I approached Opulentus when I wanted to go to Denmark under Denmark Green card scheme. As a lay man I’m not aware of process and requirements and hence contacted Opulentus to help me out in this aspect. I am not familiar with all the processes and requirements. Since the day 1, I got good support and assistance from them. They told me about all the requirements and step by step procedure to be followed at the time of lodging application.

They updated me with all the Denmark news and updates. I was guided well for all the processes and I got very good assistance from them. The visa experts were so friendly and supportive and helped me through all the phases of immigration process. I was guided well and all the process went so smooth through emails. Everything went via mail and all the process was so easy and simple.

They have explained me about all the Denmark green card requirements and filed my application by complying with all the requirements and procedures. At last I got my application processed and granted a visa under Denmark green card.

The entire credit goes to Opulentus and its team who guided me through all the phases of Denmark green card process.  Big thanks to the whole team.

Thank you very much.

EU envoy- EU, Turkey to benefit with visa free travels – Opulentus

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Head of the EU delegation Stefano Manservisi to Anadolu agency Turkey on Friday said that both the countries will be in benefit if their country nationals are allowed to travel visa free to the twenty eighth nation bloc.

Stefano said in the interest of both EU and Turkey, they have to create conditions for free spread of persons.

Last Monday the EU commission has released a dispatch on visa liberalization stating the effective efforts of Turkey which were made to meet the requirements of the bloc in order to allow the Turkish nationals to travel to EU without visa.

The Turkey EU Minister stated on Wednesday that they are seventy requirements in the Turkey listed dispatch where we meet the entire requirement except for nine. Few of them were fulfilled to some extent and others were completely done.

Stefano said that the dispatch assessed in a positive mode.

He said that there is no deadline but is sure that all the requirements will be met in the next two years.

EU and Turkey will both be benefit if they are allowed with visa free travelling. Last Monday EU commission has released liberalization where it states the Turkey efforts were effective to meet the bloc requirements.

All set make career because of Opulentus

I wanted a work permit to go and work in a country. I wanted to earn big as my family had to sacrifice a lot of things for my studies. I came out with good marks and even had experienced from the top companies with a good position.

Now it was my time to give my parents a luxurious life without any tension. When I shared this with one of friends he suggested me visit Opulentus who was the leading visa consultant in the world. I immediately contacted them and even visited their officer.

I was appointed with a case officer and I told my requirements and asked for suggestions. The case officer gave me an option of German job seeker visa where I can enter the country and search a job for a certain period of time.

Opulentus has helped me in gathering the documentation and process my visa. My case officer has guided me through the entire processing and even trained me for the visa interview. I finally got the German job seeker visa and I am all set to go and make my career.

Thanks a lot to the my case officer and to the entire team of Opulentus for making this happen.

Opulentus Immigration Consultants

Opulentus has helped me a lot with the visa processing. They processed my visa in a systematic way and made sure they met all my requirements regarding the visa. I was first very doubtful about visiting Opulentus for my visa processing, but later when I contacted them and after they explained everything to me. I really liked them.

They appointed me with a case officer who takes care of all my needs and my visa processing. From the day 1 my case officer has maintained a constant contact with me and updated me with every single information and also guided me throughout.

They clearly explained me all the terms and conditions, the visa process and took care of my visa documentation, but my parents were a bit apprehensive about sending me there all alone.

Under the guideline and assistance of the Opulentus team I have successfully got my visa and now I can pursue my further studies and reach my goal. They even offered me with post landing services which made my travelling much more easily. They were genuine and helped me throughout the process right from my documentation to visa interview.

They even trained me for the visa interview. Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus for all the support.

Opulentus offers expert guidance

Hi friends, I am here to explain you how Opulentus helped me in getting my work visa. I got a job offer from Canada and they wanted me to join as early as possible. I was happy on the same but I was wondering about how I could get a visa. Thinking for a while on the same, I googled for a best visa consultancy that can help me out in this process where I got to know about Opulentus. Then, I immediately rushed to Opulentus with all the required documents and explained the entire scenario.

They have carefully studied my profile and told me that I was eligible to get a work visa under Canada FSW program. They have explained me about all the process and they gave me a help desk where I can get answers for all my questionnaires and concerns. They supported me throughout the process and guided me with the visa interview. I am very satisfied with their work and especially with the help desk that have done a tremendous job in handling all my queries and doubts.

The guidance provided to me was excellent and handy. The visa experts were quite good and helpful in all the aspects and scenarios. They clearly explained me what the process and how to crack the interview. They were very supportive and backed me throughout all the process. Even, the processing fee is too low when compared to other visa consultancies. I was very satisfied with all the work, dedication and efforts put by them in handling my case.

Thanks a lot for helping and guiding me through all the phases of process. Thank you very much.

Opulentus supervision in Australia Student Visa

Hi all, This is Rachana. I am very glad to share that my visa to Australia was granted successfully. The complete credit of successful visa process will be given to the Opulentus visa consultants. They are really astonishing. I don’t think that my visa process may undergo successfully, without the support of Opulentus immigration consultants.

I am very avid about overseas education and I started planning to pursue my higher studies in a foreign country soon after the end my graduation and I applied for Australia student visa. After applying for the Australia student visa, I have waited for approximately one year but I had not received any visa status. I even don’t know whether my visa was discarded or approved.

One day I met one of my friends, he advised me to consult Opulentus visa consultancy and apply for the Australia student visa again. His words motivated me and the next morning itself I consulted Opulentus for Australia student visa process aid. The way they received and addressed me is simply outstanding. They explained me the complete visa process and adhered with me throughout the process of immigration. With their prop up and supervision I got my Australia student visa within a short period of time. Thanks to Opulentus!