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Investors begin business in USA and migrate through EB5 visa

Willing to immigrate abroad for the investor program? Well USA is one of the best countries for the investors program. It is one of the most popular countries around the world, many people wish to USA to fulfill their goals and dreams. It is the fourth largest land area country with 3.8 million and also third largest populated country about 320 million people.

USA EB5 visa:

Eb5 visa helps you to invest money in the United States and also can obtain the green card for foreign nationals. The willingly individuals need to invest up to $1,000,000 where they can prevent or create at least 10 jobs. If yours national investor petition is approved then you will be granted the conditional permanent residence by the investors which will be valid for two years.


The applicants should have the evidence of the lawful income from an investment

• Personal Income tax returns of five years
• Bank statement of the past couple of years
• Applicant should maintain the salary reports
• Verification letter of salary from previous employers
• Business income tax returns of five years generated by the operation of the business
• Business bank reports of past couple of years

The applicant requirement evidence from a gift for the investment funds:

• Documentation from the donor proving funds to the investor
• Statement proves why the gift was made and about the surrounding circumstances of the gift
• You can also show the gift tax returns, if any

The applicant requirement evidence from a heritage for investment funds:

• There should have the documentation for the inherited funds of the investors receipt
• Certificate of the investors receipt for the payment, if any
• There should have an statement proving the relationship of the deceased and the investor


USA is one of the famous where everyone dreams to go. It is the best place for the people to set their goals. It is a federal republic country consisting of 50 states. It is a large country in North America with the vast spread of cultures, geography, history, religion, cities, population statistics, politics, languages and many more

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Best places for study and work in Sweden

Searching for the best jobs and universities in abroad? Well, you can approach to opulentus for the best suggestion for every individual. Sweden is the 3rd largest land area among the European countries.  Sweden is also one of the best lands of the education and job search place to approach.

Apart from the education and working we can even find many tourist places in Sweden. Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Wallander Ystad are the very exciting places to visit in Sweden. It is meant for the Germanic ethnicity and culture as a homeland. It is famous for the world’s greatest pop bands and singers which many people are addicted to.

List of top Universities for study in Sweden

Chalmers University of technology, KTH, university of Gothenburg, karolinska institutet, Lund University, Uppsala University are the best universities of Sweden.


AstraZeneca, Skype, Peepoople, Spotify, Wrapp, Solvatten, H&M, IKEA, Ericsson is some of the best companies to work over Sweden



The students who are willing to study in Sweden are needed to apply for a visa depending on the length of the stay in Sweden. The student s who are willing to study for 3 months or less than three months should apply for a visa, if they want to study more than three months they are required to apply for a residence permit.


Sweden work permits allow to work and live for maximum two years, further which can also be extended. For the applying work permit over Sweden you need an employment offer from the Sweden. The employment offer includes the position and the other required details about the employment.



  • 2 Passport size photos
  • 2 copies of passport
  • Acceptance letter from the university of Sweden and copy
  • 2 copies of qualification certificates (educational degree, college, school…Etc)
  • Confirmation letter (original and copy)  from the sponsor of the studies
  • 2 copies of bank statement

 Work visa:

  • Copy of passport
  • Completed application form
  • Offer of employment
  • Receipt of application fee payment


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Switzerland Dependent Visa – Opulentus

Switzerland is a mountainous central European country. Banking and Finance are the key industries and especially famous for Swiss chocolates and watches. There are many beautiful places to visit like Interlaken, Geneva, Zurich, Lugano and many more. The country is also destination for its Hiking trails and S0ki resorts. Switzerland is place that has picturesque view and fascinating attractions.

Dependent Visa for Switzerland:

For applying to dependant visa, UK residents are pleasing to join wife, husband or parents in Switzerland for that they should be appealing in London at the Swiss Embassy. There are some strict rules which they should hold on and follow with the main regards. They are how many copies and what is required for the visa which either has a work permit, citizenship or residence permit.

Documents Required:

• A covering letter from applicant.
• A national passport that should be valid for at least three months away from the returned date.
• A spouse requesting letter for a permanent residence permit for her/his spouse.
• Their Marriage Certificate.
• Their dependent children’s original birth certificates.

Benefits for the Dependent Visa:

• The children who are under 18 will be receiving Permit C directly.
• If they are register with the cantonal immigration and worker market authorities then only the member’s of family would be eligible to take up any employment.
• If the dependents who are staying in Switzerland more than five years, then they will be granted settlement permit visa which is also known as permit C visa.
• Switzerland visa dependent holders can live, study, work & travel in the country.

If you have chosen Switzerland for your migration then you are on right path. Switzerland is the place for peaceful life and a higher standard of living. There is facility for many visas but you can apply for Switzerland Dependent visa where you can join your spouse, parents or any family member and can stay here, work, live and also study. Perhaps Switzerland is the perfect place to migrate.

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