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How to Apply for Australian Visa from India

Australian Visa from India – Australia has always been a preferred choice for those willing to work and settle in overseas. Every year this top-notch immigration destination grabs the attention of thousands of individuals from across the globe with its flourishing economy, high standard of life, peaceful atmosphere, high-rise buildings and multicultural society and many others. People migrating to Australia from India and other nations can enjoy its excellent education system, transportation, and health care facilities.


Planning to apply for Australian Visa from India? Do you have confidence that the Oz lifestyle suits you the best? Make your down under migration a triumph by gaining fine cognizance on its visa options.

Australian Visas for Indians

Oz government has put forth many immigration programs that would help an overseas individual to settle in their dreamland at a faster pace. Few of the main visa options of the province are

  • Family reunification

Points Test Skilled Migration Visas:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Independent Worker Visa Program (‘Subclass 189’)
  • Subclass 489 ‘skilled regional – provisional.

Under the large family reunification program of the province, family members of Australian permanent residence and citizens are permitted to migrate to Australia from India. On the other hand, skilled immigration visa options are for overseas workers with special skills, work experience, language proficiency and have a willing to settle and work in Australia.

Apart from the above-listed visa option’s, there is another category called employer-sponsored permanent immigration which itself encompasses Labor Agreements and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and Employer Nomination Scheme.

Australian Visa Application

Whether you have planned to work, study, visit or to settle permanently, Australian Visa application process and its immigration are very simple. The only thing that a prospective overseas applicant is suggested to do is to lodge their applications online or through the offline mode with the support of qualified immigration consultants like Opulentus. And the Australian visa fee is also nominal.

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Migration To Australia as Doctors and Nurse – Pathways

Migrate-To-Australia-as-Doctors-and-NursesMigration To Australia as Doctors and Nurse: If you have conceded the necessary qualifications and given an opportunity to decide your career path, then an occupation in travel nursing perhaps the cool one that works for you. This great way adds a new thrilling chapter in your life by giving you an opening to migrate to abroadOut of a lot of urbanized nations, Australia has topped the chart as one of the finest immigration destination for its foreign persons. Each year thousands of folks from across the globe are building bee-lines file application to work in Australia.

Why Migrate to Australia?

Oz is one of the prominent places to work and live, as the country offers outstanding career and employment prospects besides with the eminence way of life. In the last few years, the country has seen a significant insufficiency of skilled nurses and doctors, therefore, planned to greet to more qualified nurses aspiring to enhance their financial system.

Migration to Australia as Doctors and Nurse Immigration

Down under is in huge need of trained nurses and physicians to assemble the increasing requirements of their persons. In fact, this is a wonderful chance for those looking forward to immigrating to Australia. This particular doctors and nurses visa is not only relevant for trained professionals, however, are also legitimate for general practitioners to file their request for Australian work permit.

How to Migration To Australia as Doctors and Nurse?

Overseas doctors eager to settle and work in Australia have to apply either for a provisional or permanent visa class of the country. Though, trained doctors look for Australia permanent residency have to and must hold the applicable medical registration proofs.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Nurse?

Nationals are contemplating on to immigrate to Australia as a nurse, have to be good in health and hold applicable work experience and educational certificates. Furthermore, nurses are not compulsory to qualify in the health examinations, for instance, chest x-ray and others.

Visa Options for Nurses

Few of the key visa alternatives to work in Australia as a nurse:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Working Holidays
  • Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (subclass 457)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • General Skilled Migration
  • Occupational Trainee visa

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Source: Opulentus