Australian Immigration Points Calculator


A complete overview on Australia immigration points calculator

Australia has become the most sought-after destination for highly skilled professionals who wish to settle abroad. With thriving economy and booming IT industry, the country offers lots of opportunities for qualified professionals with right skills and experience. The country is looking forward for skilled professionals who can contribute to the growth of economy. Moreover, Australia has designed many immigration schemes to attract highly qualified professionals to the country.

What is Australia immigration points calculator?  

Over the past few years, great number of people are flocking to the land of kangaroos to take advantage of its economy, quality of life and other aspects. So, in order to regulate the inflow of immigrants, the country has introduced points based system to evaluate the candidate’s eligibility. Australia points calculator is an effective model that has been designed to regulate the visa eligibility process and to make the process more transparent, unbiased and fair.

Under Australian immigration points calculator, the candidate’s level of skills and knowledge is accessed based on certain factors such as education, age, nature of adaptability, work experience and language proficiency. In order to qualify in Australia’s points calculator, one has to score enough points, which completely depends on the type of visa you choose to immigrate.

There are various categories of visas that let you immigrate to Australia such as skilled immigration visa, skilled regional sponsored (Provisional) visa, business immigration visa, family immigration visa and student visa. Out of these, you can choose right visa depending on your skills and immigration needs. One can score more points under Australia immigration points calculator if they perform better through which they can migrate to Australia easily.

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