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Canada accelerates citizenship for CAF members 

Canada’s citizenship and immigration minister, Chris Alexander, proclaimed that the country has welcomed two new citizens under the accelerated provision, which is put into practice for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. As part of Citizenship Week, Alexander appeared at a citizenship ceremony to greet 50 new citizens and realized the contributions of Michael Cornish, a Commander of Lieutenant, who received citizenship in Halifax on 2 October 2014. In a separate event held in Kelowna, British Columbia, Michael McGinty, a Colonel of Lieutenant, who has received citizenship on 12 September 2014 was welcomed to the family of Canada. Apparently, the new expedited provision formed a part of the government’s reforms to the Citizenship Act, which became law on 19 June 2014. The new amendments quicken citizenship for permanent residents who are serving in the CF and overseas nationals who are on exchange with the CF. This provision marks the vital contributions of those who serve the country and shows how government’s recent reforms to the Citizenship Act are helping eligible applicants to become Canadian citizens at a faster pace. Alexander said that they realize the significant contributions of the members of CAF who sacrifice their lives to protect the values and country. He added that the recent amendments made to the Citizenship Act will help government to make sure that the qualified applicants will be able to realize their dream of becoming a Canadian sooner. He mentioned that the government is pleased to welcome two new citizens to the Canadian family.

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