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Malaysian government to facilitate visa norms for Chinese

Malaysia to facilitate new visa rules and regulations for Chinese touristsAs per the new reports given by Malaysian government in the press meet on Thursday, they have agreed and planned to ease the visa rules and regulations for Chinese travelers visiting the nation.

The cabinet ministry of Malaysia wants Home Ministry to further have a brief study on the new move, according to local media reports. The sources also revealed that simplifying of visa rules and regulations for Chinese tourists aids in enhancing the country’s economy and in the boosting the mutual relationship between both the nations.

Malaysia is a top-notch destination that has diverse cultures, traditions and cosmopolitan areas. It is one among other developed nations that has less crime rate and wide-range of stupendous attractions. Currently it is the turn of Malaysia to go behind Indonesia that has eased the visa rules and regulations for overseas tourists, according to the Malaysian union of Tour and Travel Agents, Hamzah Rahmat.

New electronic visa facility for superyachts to Andaman Islands

New e-visa provision for superyachts to Andaman IslandsIndividuals willing to travel to the superyacht region of Andaman Islands can avail the visa-on-arrival facility at nine of the airports of India, according to Asia Pacific Superyachts Andaman Islands authorities, R Rathnam. He also added that this new move would aid the Indian government in welcoming more number of tourists from overseas nations. During the month of December in 2014, Indian government has relaxed visa norms for few of the 43 developed overseas nations along with Brazil, Australia, US, Germany and many others.

The officially inaugurated e-visa facility on 27 November in the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad acted as a fine gift for 43 overseas nations’ citizens. Union home minister and the tourism minister of the country, Mahesh Sharma stated that the new facility offers the electronic version of visas for a trip to the country. He also added that visitors can tour the nation effortlessly without waiting for long hours.

All overseas nationals can now obtain their visas in 72 hours regardless of holidays and regular working hours. Individuals can now avail electronic travel authorization facility at Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kochi. And individuals willing to travel to the superyacht region, Andaman Islands can avail this new facility at New Delhi and Chennai airports.

The changes in the new facility aim at enhancing the tourism of the country. Few of the restrictions involved in this new scheme are that e-visa is valid for 30 days and can only be attained twice in a year.

Individuals reapplying for new visa under TVoA-ETA system need not wait for more hours. Though it is a visa that can be obtained after arriving, however an individual has to apply through online before visiting the nation. After the completion of all the usual formalities, he or she has to hold the hard copy of the authorization.

Saskatchewan government to enhance migrants figure through SINP

The Canadian federal government has planned to increase the figure of skilled overseas nationals in the country to 775 with Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The federal government of Saskatchewan revealed that a surge in applicants’ number would decrease the labour shortage in the country.

In conjunction with 775 additional nominees, Saskatchewan government is ready to accept request from  5,500 more applicants in 2015. As a result, the Canadian government is about to see a 16 percent rise in nominations in 2015 when compared to last year.

All added nominations can be done through the new Saskatchewan express entry group of SINP, that is about to be launched on 2 January in conjunction with federal government of Canada new Express Entry request scheme. All requests will be accepted in the beginning of the year 2015 under the new scheme of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

This new request system will pick few skilled candidates from a  group of immigrants and will allow them to apply for permanent residency in the country. Some of the benefits that a skilled worker can gain from this new migration program are- can easily get permanent residency and places for small and large businesses, which are willing to fill the labor shortages of the country to enhance the country’s economy, according to Immigration minister, Jeremy Harrison.

The minister further noted that increase in additional nominees of 5500 in 2015 would result in a surge of permanent residents to 14,000 with their family member in the country.

Over 2000 immigrants have settled in Lanarkshire – Opulentus

According to the latest figures, more than 2000 immigrants have settled in Lanarkshire during the period of one year.

The figures are revealed in a study of 2011 census by the Office for National Statistics Scotland.

On a whole, 1161 immigrants have immigrated to South Lanarkshire from overseas, whereas in neighboring North Lanarkshire, received another 886 immigrants.The total populace in South Lanarkshire was 313,900.

With 1161 inhabitants entering, this means that there were 3.7 immigrants for every 1000 of populance.

The common nation from which most of immigrants hailed was India i.e. a total of 103 individuals. The overall populace of North Lanarkshire was 337,720 earlier. With 886 inhabitants entering, this means that there were 2.6 immigrants for every 1000 of populance.

In North Lanarkshire, the most common country from where immigrants came was Poland– a total of 209 people.

On a whole people from 89 countries has made South Lanarkshire as their home. Scotland has considered as leading immigration destination in the UK.

A total of 61,000 immigrants relocated to the nation from overseas. Previously, the population of Scotland was below 5.3 million this means that there were 11.5 overseas nationals for every 1000 people in 2011 – the highest figure for one of the four UK nations. After that, England received a highest number of immigrants i.e. 11.3 immigrants for every 1000 residents, followed by Northern Ireland representing 7.6 and Wales representing 6.7.

The highest levels of immigration were seen in Aberdeen and Edinburgh at Scotland each with 34 immigrants per 1000 residents.

Throughout the UK, a total of 687,000 people relocated from overseas in the year leading equal to the census, at a rate of 11 per 1000 residents

The major source of immigrants coming to the UK were from India accounting 45,968 subsequently America by 43,433 and then Poland by 40,293.

Australia To Initiate Visa On Arrival Facility For Indian Visitors

In a bid to reinforce further trade relations between Australia and India, Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) president suggested to introduce visa on arrival facility for Indian visitors travelling to Australia. The same visa on arrival facility has already initiated by the Indian Government for Australian travelers.

Tourism plays a significant role in fortifying the mutual trade relations between the two nations. The president of IATO, Subhash Goyal, said that numerous Indians travel to Australia every year and therefore, visa-on-arrival facility must be extended by the Australian government.

The tenth largest market for Australia tourism is India. And for 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, the number of travelers is anticipated to increase severely.

Under the Trans-Tasman visa contract, a 10-week window has been announced for the 2015 Cricket World Cup that enables fans to apply for a single visa to travel New Zealand and Australia for a period of 10 weeks.

Conversely, tourism industry is suggesting that many countries including Australia need to ease the visa rules and regulations for Indians.

During the end of September 2014, Australia see around 15% increase in total number of Indian travelers on yearly basis.

UK All Set To Introduce Super-Fast Visa Scheme To Lure Wealthy Tourists

In a bid to attract wealthy travelers and business executives, the UK’s prime minister, David Cameron announced that the government is planning to expand 24-hour fast-track visa program to various nations.

The super-priority service is already in place in India and china and will extend to various countries such as the Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Thailand from April.

The government is planning to attract tourists from the UAE as they spend around £2,500 per visit to the UK, while 75,000 Thai travelers spent £117m in previous year.

Cameron considers that simplifying time-taking intricate of visa rules will make Britain the most attractive destination and lure visitors from rich economies. He added that the same-day visa scheme will be extended to South Africa and Turkey.

India to roll out first phase of e-visa scheme

Immigration news - OpulentusIndia is working on the first phase of electronic visas for around thirty countries. Electronic travel authority will allow the international tourists who wish to tour India to apply visa through online and get the conformation within five working days.

Sources reveled that, the first set will include countries from different regions of the world and an announcement will be made soon.

In India’s first electronic visa list few European countries, the US, Asia, Africa Argentina and Brazil are likely to be named. These are among the 11 countries which are offered with VoA.

Sources also reveled that Australia is also likely to be include in the e-visa list with the visit of prime minister Narendra Modi.

Due to certain technical reasons, the UK might not to be able to make in the first list of the scheme. On the other hand UK makes up to 11 percent to the total foreign travelers entering India.

Presently India provides VoA scheme for international tourists travelling from the chosen 11 countries.

India to extend visa-on-arrival facility to Russian businessmen at 18 airports

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Here’s good news for Russian businessmen. The Indian government is about to develop the visa on arrival facility to all the businessmen of Russia at 18 airports, told Nirmala Sitharaman, the Ministry of Commerce and industry at India-Russia Forum.

The ministry further revealed that, Indian government has dedicated to eliminate red tape and offer single window authorization to Russian depositors.

She added that the economic relation between India and Russia has to be strengthened further.  The mutual business between both the nations positioned at $6 during the year 2013-14. The ministry even spoke regarding helpful investment weather in India and further investment opportunities in various fields such as metallurgy, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and others.  And the new FDI liberalization of India along with Indian railway sector and defence will give innovative chances for joint business enterprises by both the countries.

To progress the economic relationship and navigation of energy sectors of potential areas both the nations mutual investment and business corporation must be advanced, said Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister, D Rogozin in the occasion.

Few of the segments that come under working group of joint business venture projects are chemical & petrochemical industry, automobile, road-building machinery, civil aircraft construction, industrial and fertilizers, energy and pharmaceuticals.

Singapore sees highest number of overseas Spouses on LTVP+

immigration news - opulentusMore Overseas nationals who got married to the citizens of Singapore are residing in the nation on longer period visa scheme to make their work and living easier in the country.  This inturn increasing the foreign nationals marrying Singapore citizens count. Teo Chee Hean the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and governing party member of people’s action party revealed that, by the end of September around 7,300 overseas spouses came to Singapore on a scheme of Long-Term Visit Pass Plus (LTVP+).

However, the LTVP+ scheme which was introduced in the month of April in 2012 for overseas national’s spouses to live and work for a period of five years, which is now extended to longer periods than those visitors who are under long-term visit pass scheme. For foreign spouses who are under the LTVP+ are now qualified to gain additional benefits of health- care and business.

Mr Hri Kumar Nair (Singaporean politician and lawyer) asked Deputy Prime Minister about the recent figure of foreign spouses who entered on the LTVP+  scheme and also asked government plans in granting LTVP+ to overseas spouses as a rule who stayed for over five years.

Mr Teo replied that each and every request for LTVP+ will be accessed only on the range of few particular factors than a solitary one.

 To make the overseas national’s spouse’s work and living easier in the country for longer period, Singapore government has planned to introduce the new visa scheme of LTVP+.

Visa waiver for 5 other countries – Rhode Island

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In a bid to attract around 20 million travelers by 2020, the government will forgo the requirements of the visa for the nationals of various countries.

Coordinating minister of maritime affairs Indroyono Soesilo said based on the coordination meeting there are around 5 countries who would have open doors for the visa free scheme.

He said that the government is expecting to see 500,000 tourists over and above every year through this program.

The government needs to spend minimum to work on the program.

Further, the government has plans to grease the wheels of the permit system for international cruise ships and yachts who want to enter the port of the country.

He added on by saying that they will build up the online structure which was put together by the foreign ministry and the government has set a target to firm up such permits.