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How to Apply for Australian Visa from India

Australian Visa from India – Australia has always been a preferred choice for those willing to work and settle in overseas. Every year this top-notch immigration destination grabs the attention of thousands of individuals from across the globe with its flourishing economy, high standard of life, peaceful atmosphere, high-rise buildings and multicultural society and many others. People migrating to Australia from India and other nations can enjoy its excellent education system, transportation, and health care facilities.


Planning to apply for Australian Visa from India? Do you have confidence that the Oz lifestyle suits you the best? Make your down under migration a triumph by gaining fine cognizance on its visa options.

Australian Visas for Indians

Oz government has put forth many immigration programs that would help an overseas individual to settle in their dreamland at a faster pace. Few of the main visa options of the province are

  • Family reunification

Points Test Skilled Migration Visas:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Independent Worker Visa Program (‘Subclass 189’)
  • Subclass 489 ‘skilled regional – provisional.

Under the large family reunification program of the province, family members of Australian permanent residence and citizens are permitted to migrate to Australia from India. On the other hand, skilled immigration visa options are for overseas workers with special skills, work experience, language proficiency and have a willing to settle and work in Australia.

Apart from the above-listed visa option’s, there is another category called employer-sponsored permanent immigration which itself encompasses Labor Agreements and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and Employer Nomination Scheme.

Australian Visa Application

Whether you have planned to work, study, visit or to settle permanently, Australian Visa application process and its immigration are very simple. The only thing that a prospective overseas applicant is suggested to do is to lodge their applications online or through the offline mode with the support of qualified immigration consultants like Opulentus. And the Australian visa fee is also nominal.

For more information on Australian Visa from India, fill our free assessment form today so that one of our consultants will get back to you.

Opulentus Review – Success Story

Opulentus Review: Once again a very big thanks to Opulentus. I come to know that for Immigration and settling in Abroad Opulentus is the best visa consultants, immediately I emailed Opulentus for my Canada Visa. After few hours, I received a call from one of the Opulentus Consultants and she answered to all queries and clearly said the eligibility criteria and possible requirements.

There services benefitted me and my visa process was very quick. Thank you Opulentus!!

Opulentus Review From a Client

Opulentus Review: Recently I applied for Hong Kong Immigration through Opulentus Overseas Careers – If you are you considering migrating to Hong Kong from India? Do you wish to seek immigration process? Then I recommend Opulentus – Well, the immigration consultant’s- Opulentus would not only guide you, but also would assist you in Hong Kong immigration process. At Opulentus, we tend to make every effort to make your overseas immigration dream into reality.

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Why Should You Opt for Hong Kong Immigration?

  • Robust Economy
  • Flexible immigration policy
  • Require skilled employees

Desirable Destination

  • Post landing services
  • Reliable immigration services
  • Excellent immigration and visa services

Opulentus Consultancy Review

Opulentus Consultancy Review: I was unaware of jobs in broad like how to apply, evaluation but, one of my known colleagues recommended me to consult Opulentus Overseas Consultant for immigration to Denmark, all I can say is Opulentus is the best immigration consultants for settle in abroad, Study in abroad.

Firstly, I started with evaluating my eligibility for Denmark migration, once am done with evaluation process, I received my report saying that am qualified.

After that, I had several queries on visa; I just emailed them, immediately I received a call from one of the Opulentus consultants, she answered all my queries clearly.

Finally, I applied for Visa and I received am Email saying your Denmark visa is approved. Now, I’m living happily and all thanks and regards to Opulentus Overseas Consultants.

I’ll take an opportunity to extend my continuous thanks to Opulentus by writing Review on Opulentus Overseas Career.

Investors begin business in USA and migrate through EB5 visa

Willing to immigrate abroad for the investor program? Well USA is one of the best countries for the investors program. It is one of the most popular countries around the world, many people wish to USA to fulfill their goals and dreams. It is the fourth largest land area country with 3.8 million and also third largest populated country about 320 million people.

USA EB5 visa:

Eb5 visa helps you to invest money in the United States and also can obtain the green card for foreign nationals. The willingly individuals need to invest up to $1,000,000 where they can prevent or create at least 10 jobs. If yours national investor petition is approved then you will be granted the conditional permanent residence by the investors which will be valid for two years.


The applicants should have the evidence of the lawful income from an investment

• Personal Income tax returns of five years
• Bank statement of the past couple of years
• Applicant should maintain the salary reports
• Verification letter of salary from previous employers
• Business income tax returns of five years generated by the operation of the business
• Business bank reports of past couple of years

The applicant requirement evidence from a gift for the investment funds:

• Documentation from the donor proving funds to the investor
• Statement proves why the gift was made and about the surrounding circumstances of the gift
• You can also show the gift tax returns, if any

The applicant requirement evidence from a heritage for investment funds:

• There should have the documentation for the inherited funds of the investors receipt
• Certificate of the investors receipt for the payment, if any
• There should have an statement proving the relationship of the deceased and the investor


USA is one of the famous where everyone dreams to go. It is the best place for the people to set their goals. It is a federal republic country consisting of 50 states. It is a large country in North America with the vast spread of cultures, geography, history, religion, cities, population statistics, politics, languages and many more

Why opulentus?

Opulentus is the best visa consultancy which process the genuine visas for the clients. Opulentus provides the best services with the highly professionals and qualified consultants. They clarify all the queries and the consultants are having the up to date information and knowledge regarding different countries with the different types of visas. The consultants offer the appropriate suggestions to the clients with their circumstances.

Canada Visa Assistance

I always wanted to go Canada to explore the beauty and experience the culture of the country. I always forced my mom to let me go there, but she never allowed. She told me after reaching a certain age she would definitely travel alone. Days passed, years passed. Finally when I was old enough, I convinced my parents somehow and got permission to go.

The worst part was the documentation. I had no idea about the formalities and then my friend suggested me to approach Opulentus. I immediately contact Opulentus and visited their office and explained my situation. They said nothing to worry and took care of all my documentation, even helped in gathering documents for my visa.

They ensured that they met all my requirements timely regarding the visa processing. The customer care support at Opulentus is just so amazing that they took time and explained me the entire processing as how it is done and other requirements. As I was young, they took special care of me. They even offered me post landing service, which is an amazing deal. I never expected any visa consultancy to be so flexible and help their client so much.

They supported me throughout the process. Opulentus team has also trained me for the visa interview and ensures that I got through it. I thank the entire team and my case officer for the immense help, support and the guidance they have provided. You guys are the best and I would surely recommend you guys to those who are in search of getting their visa processing done through the hands if an expert. You rock.

Timely help by Opulentus made it possible for me to study in Australia

Hi friends! This is Rajat. I would like to share my recent experience with Opulentus visa consultancy because of which I was able to go to Australia for further studies. It was a long cherished desire of mine to study and acquire a degree from this ‘’Kangaroo nation’’ of Australia, after completing my initial studies. However, I had no clue as to how to go about it.

At this juncture, a good friend of mine told me about Opulentus and how it had helped him bag his dream career overseas. With much trepidation, I went to seek help from the professionals at Opulentus. To my surprise, I was given the best customer support that cannot be found elsewhere and I realized that all my doubts and inhibitions were cleared within no time at all! The case officer appointed to me was thoroughly professional in his approach and skillfully guided me in preparing a checklist and filing the documents. Not only this, he also guided me on the best universities in Australia where I could enroll myself for further studies.

The day I got a call from the officer stating that my student visa for Australia had been approved is still etched in my mind’s eye. With spirits soaring high, I thanked my case officer for all his help and support. I also availed the post landing services of Opulentus which took care of my accommodation needs and transporting my extra cargo to Australia.

Opulentus visa consultancy is indeed the very best immigration and visa consultancy. They are experts in their field and look carefully to see that every detail is complete during the visa formality process. This ensures minimum chances of lapse or rejection of visas. I am really grateful to all the staff and especially my case officer at Opulentus, not to forget my friend too who guided me to them!

Opulentus amazing assistance in UK student visas process

Hi friends,

I am Sanjeetha, I am very thankful to Opulentus for assisting me in my UK student visa process. The visa consultants of Opulentus are experienced and talented individuals they remain with me throughout the visa process and explained each and every detail of visa process clearly.

From my childhood, I have a dream to study abroad, but due to the lack of knowledge in the immigration and visa process, I never proceeded for further process. I approached a number of immigration and visa consultancies for assistance but none of their services and suggestions matched with my requirements. One fine day, I met one of my friends, who recommended me to approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus. He showed me their reviews and said how they assisted him in his immigration process.

The next morning itself I walk into their office with all my documents. The way they addressed me was awesome a provided me a special case who could answer all my queries without any confusion. All my immigration and visa queries where solved. My special case officer assessed my profile completely and explained the complete details of immigration. I submitted all the documents and filled the UK visa application form. They remained with me throughout the immigration process and under their guidance within a short period of time I got my UK student visa.

Thanks to my Special case officer of Opulentus. After experiencing the services of Opulentus I am sure that there is no other visa consultancy as good as Opulentus. I suggest Opulentus to my friends and family members.

Thank you Opulentus!

Opulentus as prominent immigration consultancy

Opulentus is the fastest and emerging immigration consultancy with immigration experts who cater world class immigration and visa services to individuals, who are seeking to work, settle, study, invest and visit to a foreign country either on permanent or temporary basis. Our immigration and visa services are catered across the world to almost all the leading countries such as Canada, Australia, Denmark, the UK, the US and others. Immigration is a tedious and red tape process in order to get through the immigration process an expert like Opulentus, guidance and assistance is required.

Motto behind our establishment

Since its inception in 2001, Opulentus has been rendering its genuine and trust worthy immigration services to global clients. The main motto behind the launch of Opulentus immigration consultancy is to eliminate hurdles and hassles of immigration for immigrants. We believe in providing proper guidance and step-by-step explanation of immigration process for individuals. At Opulentus, we provide a complete knowledge of immigration for individuals for their destined immigration destination.

Our Aim

At Opulentus, we are not just working for money but also to gain good reputation and fulfill individuals overseas career dream. We reduce individuals stress by providing them the best solutions for the problems they face during immigration process.

Why Opulentus?

We value individual’s precious time and keep them informed with all the latest updates of their immigration status. To handle individual’s immigration process we assign an expert case officer who assess individuals profile completely and decide whether an individual is eligible for immigration or not. The following are some of the special qualities why individuals need to us among other immigration consultants.

  • Committed towards the services
  • Maintains transparency
  • Affordable charges
  • Hassle-free services
  • Step-by-step easy directing through the process
  • Swift and smart response for individual’s queries and issues
  • Easy evaluation of the qualification and other skills
  • Experienced immigration consultants

Immigration consultants of Opulentus are evolved themselves in such a way that within few years the company has received a number of clients from all over the globe. With tons of satisfied clients across the globe, we are one of the most steadfast immigration consultants and earned the trust of number of client’s with our amazing and genuine expert services and consultations.

Opulentus excellent assistance in UK visit visa process

Hi friends, I am Zeena, I would like to share my experience I had with Opulentus in my UK visit visa process. The immigration consultants of Opulentus are amazing. Their guidance and assistance for the individuals is superb. One word for them is there are marvelous in immigration industry. Opulentus is one stop destination for all sorts of immigration and visa services.

I am an Indian and working as a Software developer in a MNC company and always busy with hectic schedule. My brother is residing in UK on work visa. As, we all know that the Christmas celebrations will be greatly held in the UK, my brother invited me and thought of celebrating Christmas together this year. Even I thought that it’s the right time to take a break from my busy hectic schedule.

As, I have no idea regarding the UK visit visa process. So, I started seeking a leading immigration consultancy to process my visit visa application very soon. One of my friends suggested me to approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus for genuine and steadfast immigration services. I approached the immigration consultants of Opulentus the way they received me was outstanding. They explained me the entire visa process and guided me throughout the immigration process. Under their guidance and assistance I got my visa within a short period of time. Right now, I am in UK with my brother and eagerly waiting for Christmas celebrations.

Thanks to Opulentus!