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Investors begin business in USA and migrate through EB5 visa

Willing to immigrate abroad for the investor program? Well USA is one of the best countries for the investors program. It is one of the most popular countries around the world, many people wish to USA to fulfill their goals and dreams. It is the fourth largest land area country with 3.8 million and also third largest populated country about 320 million people.

USA EB5 visa:

Eb5 visa helps you to invest money in the United States and also can obtain the green card for foreign nationals. The willingly individuals need to invest up to $1,000,000 where they can prevent or create at least 10 jobs. If yours national investor petition is approved then you will be granted the conditional permanent residence by the investors which will be valid for two years.


The applicants should have the evidence of the lawful income from an investment

• Personal Income tax returns of five years
• Bank statement of the past couple of years
• Applicant should maintain the salary reports
• Verification letter of salary from previous employers
• Business income tax returns of five years generated by the operation of the business
• Business bank reports of past couple of years

The applicant requirement evidence from a gift for the investment funds:

• Documentation from the donor proving funds to the investor
• Statement proves why the gift was made and about the surrounding circumstances of the gift
• You can also show the gift tax returns, if any

The applicant requirement evidence from a heritage for investment funds:

• There should have the documentation for the inherited funds of the investors receipt
• Certificate of the investors receipt for the payment, if any
• There should have an statement proving the relationship of the deceased and the investor


USA is one of the famous where everyone dreams to go. It is the best place for the people to set their goals. It is a federal republic country consisting of 50 states. It is a large country in North America with the vast spread of cultures, geography, history, religion, cities, population statistics, politics, languages and many more

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USA Visitor Visa Requirements – Opulentus

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To visit USA, one should obtain a visitor visa that allows them to enter the country legitimately. There are two types of USA tourist visas– B-1 and B-2. The first type of visa is for individuals who wish to visit USA for business purposes, whereas, B-2 is another type of tourist visa that allows you to visit friends, families, relatives and other proposes.

US visitor visa requirements:

To obtain USA visitor visa, you need to abide by certain rules and conditions which include:

• Valid travel document
• You should prove that you are visiting USA for either business or pleasure purposes.
• Applicants must hold enough funds to meet their expenses during their stay in the country
• You must convince the visa officer that you will return to home place as soon as you finish your work in the US
• You must demonstrate that you have social or economic ties or residence outside the US
• Round-trip ticket

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