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Check your eligibility for Canada education

Canada is considered as the great learning destination, students from all corners of the world, migrated to Canada for higher education. Obtaining student visa is easy if you understand the basic requirements of the permit.

You become eligible to apply for Canada permit if:

  • You are accepted in the recognized Canada institution.
  • You must show that you have enough funds to pay your fees and bear living expenses in Canada.
  • The proof of fund applies for families accompanying principal applicant.
  • Students must respect laws of the land, must produce police clearance certificate.
  • Good health condition.
  • Must assure immigration officer of your leaving Canada after authorized stay.


Various Study programs and permits for Canada.

If your course duration is less than six months, then you need not require study permit. You can stay till the completion of authorized permit.

The above information provided is basic, prospective students who have long run plans to settle in Canada, must ensure that they become eligible for work permit. The recent amendments suggest that Canada Immigration has planned to retain the talent created on its soil.

Much emphasis is laid on the Canada Express Entry Scheme, which adds 30 points to the international students with Canadian degrees. Out of the total time spent as a student in Canada, half-time would be considered, when candidate applies for Canada permanent residence.

Canada Express Entry Scheme registers 30 percent of student applications for permanent residence. This might increase with the new changes and increase in number of students from third world countries.

Immigration is being used as an effective tool in Canada for economic development. The students willing to apply for study programs must seek the help of immigration consultants for successful visa processing.


Immigrant employers create 1.3 million jobs in Germany

Immigration is a legal procedure, and skilled programs in return benefit the host country. What is wrong here? Why do people oppose? Intolerant behavior is everywhere. The skilled and efficient people have always proved that they can win this world with their abilities. Yes, in Germany it is proved, despite opposition, they are able to do jobs and create jobs.



The recent reports suggest that immigrant employers have created 1.3 million job opportunities in Germany. The people who migrated to Germany have had always made valuable contribution to its economy. Whatever, the reasons could be numerous, but Germany requires foreign talent. Its immigration Germany Job Seeker Visa and other skilled programs are helping those individuals.

The beauty of the Germany Job seeker visa is it allows individuals to enter Germany even without any Job offer. Germany is the favorite land of mechanical engineers, software engineers who dream to work in the luxurious automobile industry.

Immigration has become an essential phenomenon to fill up the skill gaps. To retain their positions in the top global economies, importing talent has become crucial to numerous individuals. Immigrant entrepreneurs in Germany on an average earn €2,167 per month.

Self employed people with immigrant backgrounds in Germany are not limited to any industry. They are diversified and spreading their wings to numerous industries.

Not going just with the flow just think, what they have contributed. Yes, the discussion is about the immigrants, all the developed economies have enormously benefited through immigrants hard work. None can deny even Donald Trump too!

The USA is a Famous Tourist Destination in the World

Travel-Visa-to-USAThe United States of America is an amazing country of cultural heritage. Beautiful landscape, mesmerizing sceneries, breathtaking nature, and incredible lifestyle is making the country as one of the best tourist destination for the people around the world. The country rated as the second best tourist destination after France on the basis of an arrival of travelers.

In current time US proved itself as a global leader in every point of view. The financial growth of the country attracts the immigrants around the world. The beautiful landmarks and the tourist destination of the nation are the major source of attraction for the world wide traveler.

The major cities of America like Washington, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco attract huge number of peoples for coming to the United States. Time square in Manhattan and the New York are two most important source of Attraction for the Tourists in USA. The government of US has generated remarkable revenue from the tourist arrival of the country.

The Tourism department of the country provides delighting parks, festivals, historical buildings, gambling, different museums, outdoor entertainment, spas and classic restaurants to the travelers of different country. The national parks of United States of America have a significant importance in worldwide. Many people come to America especially for these national parks. Normally many outdoor entertainments have been performed by the trained person of art and culture Department of US.

The US has the most innovative and advanced cities of the world. The city life is totally different. The incredible nightlife in a city creates a long-lasting memory for the tourist. The amazing wildlife of the country is one point of discussion in this circumstance. The immigrant can go to America by the help of B1 or B2 visa for the purpose of tourisim, meeting relatives or friends or participating in any kind of social event. The tourist arrival in America is increasing in geometric progression.

Everything You Need To Know About the Requirements to Study in Canada

Canada-Student-Visa-GuidanceQuality education is one of the key consideration to gain features of knowledge and stand apart from the crowd by grabbing the desired job. People usually get worried, when it comes to choosing of perfect destination that offers explicit educational and job prospects along with the safer ambiance. Thanks to the Canadian government for offering such good scope for overseas individuals who wish to kick-start their new career.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada, which is a host to around 180,000 International students, plays a key role in offering standard and quality education for those undertaking their higher education in top-ranked universities. In fact, it has become as a country of choice for those who willing to Study in Overseas. An interesting fact about this top-notch study destination is that it spends more of its per capital income on higher education than any other nations.

Top Reasons to Study in Canada:

  • Almost all the universities of the province are well-known for offering high-quality education and internationally accepted degrees and credentials
  • 10,000+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered at more than 100 internationally recognized institutions
  • Tuition costs are much affordable when compared to the other leading abroad nations
  • Can make use of the work while studying options
  • Almost all the top educational institutions offer innovative opportunities for research
  • Its multicultural ambiance and society help in widening your perspective and outlook
  • Can enjoy high standard of living
  • Provides a clear path to permanent residency
  • Can come across an ample number of on-campus work opportunities

Requirements before Study in Canada

Following are the requirements that an international student must meet to fulfill their dreams at a faster pace

  • Must hold a Valid passport
  • Letter of acceptance from the concerned institution of Canada
  • Sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in the nation
  • Must meet the health and character requirements
  • Must be proficient in The English language
  • Letter of Explanation of return journey to their native country

Have any plans to undertake your Higher Education in Canada? Then why to wait, consult the qualified immigration consultants of Opulentus to fulfill your aspirations and to come up under flying colors.

Best places for study and work in Sweden

Searching for the best jobs and universities in abroad? Well, you can approach to opulentus for the best suggestion for every individual. Sweden is the 3rd largest land area among the European countries.  Sweden is also one of the best lands of the education and job search place to approach.

Apart from the education and working we can even find many tourist places in Sweden. Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Wallander Ystad are the very exciting places to visit in Sweden. It is meant for the Germanic ethnicity and culture as a homeland. It is famous for the world’s greatest pop bands and singers which many people are addicted to.

List of top Universities for study in Sweden

Chalmers University of technology, KTH, university of Gothenburg, karolinska institutet, Lund University, Uppsala University are the best universities of Sweden.


AstraZeneca, Skype, Peepoople, Spotify, Wrapp, Solvatten, H&M, IKEA, Ericsson is some of the best companies to work over Sweden



The students who are willing to study in Sweden are needed to apply for a visa depending on the length of the stay in Sweden. The student s who are willing to study for 3 months or less than three months should apply for a visa, if they want to study more than three months they are required to apply for a residence permit.


Sweden work permits allow to work and live for maximum two years, further which can also be extended. For the applying work permit over Sweden you need an employment offer from the Sweden. The employment offer includes the position and the other required details about the employment.



  • 2 Passport size photos
  • 2 copies of passport
  • Acceptance letter from the university of Sweden and copy
  • 2 copies of qualification certificates (educational degree, college, school…Etc)
  • Confirmation letter (original and copy)  from the sponsor of the studies
  • 2 copies of bank statement

 Work visa:

  • Copy of passport
  • Completed application form
  • Offer of employment
  • Receipt of application fee payment


Opulentus provide best guidance and support to the clients who approach. It is the leading and prospered visa providers not only in India also in other popular nations. It provides genuine visas to each and every client. It suggests the client with the eligibility for choosing the right visa and right country.