How to get Denmark Green card from India


 How to get Denmark Green card from India with the help of Opulentus?

How to get Denmark Green card from IndiaThe Danish Green Card system is a way for you to gain a portal into Denmark. If you wish to live, study or work in Denmark, you need to have this just like any other Canadian or Australian immigrant. Opulentus bridges this gap between you and your dreams and helps you to get the Danish green card visa.

The Danish Green Card is a point-based system. Bonus points can also be earned under education, age and adaptability. Below is how it works:-

  • Age: Below 40 years.
  • Work experience: If you have a work experience within last five years in research or any other field which is currently having a shortage, you are eligible to earn points.

For other work experience, a minimum of three years is mandatory.

  • Education: A Masters degree is a must for applying for Denmark. If you have a Masters degree, you earn full points on the Danish Green Card points based system.
  • Adaptability: If you have worked in the EU/EEA/Switzerland, you stand a chance of earning extra points. Completion of one-three years in a Schengen country or having worked there for the same duration will get you points.
  • Family members: Your spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner, along with your dependent children below 18 years of age are allowed for a permanent residence visa. They are allowed to work during this period.

Following is the list of positive occupation which can fetch you 10 bonus points on the Danish green card scheme if your education is related to occupation on the positive list.

  1. Engineers-Electrical, IT, Mechanical, Production ,etc
  2. Other academic work-Attorney, Legal Counselor, Psychologist, Statistician, etc
  3. IT and Telecommunications-IT Architect and IT Consultant.
  4. Educational, Social and Religious work-Pedagogue, Social Pedagogue.
  5. Health, Health care and personal care-Anaesthetic nurse, Surgical nurse, Nurse, Medical Laboratory Technician,etc.
  6. Doctor and dental-Medical doctor and consultant, Dentist, Hospital doctor, Consultant doctor/ Chief physician
  7. Building and Construction-Architectural technologist and consultant manager.
  8. Teaching, Supervision- Primary and lower secondary school teacher.

Why look to Opulentus for support and guidance?

Whatever be the purpose of your visit to Denmark, you need to have the Danish Green card visa. In order to get this, you need to come to an able immigration consultancy who will guide you well. At Opulentus, we don’t charge you much but keeping your financial requirements in mind, we ask for a nominal processing fee. The Indian qualifications are more or less the same as stated earlier to get this visa. Just visit us or call us and let our team of experts at Opulentus help you.

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