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Denmark is a beautiful country and is growing as one among the leading nations in the world. Most of the foreign skilled workers prefer Denmark for work. The people in Denmark are very friendly. The country encourages skilled workers without any kind of discrimination.

Denmark has introduced Danish green card scheme, for foreign skilled workers. The Danish green card allows the foreign skilled workers to enter the country and work.

The country encourages large amounts of skilled workers from different parts of the nation through this scheme. Every skilled worker who wants to enter Denmark for work often chooses this scheme.

Opulentus being the leader in the immigration industry, and having the experience of processing number of successful visas, the company stands for its record. Opulentus is here since many years to assist their clients in the processing their visa and guiding them with the best. The company also takes a pre assessment test where it shows the eligibility criteria of a client if they are applicable for the respective.

The client must approach Opulentus for getting a better and a clear picture to process the visa. Skilled workers who want to move to Denmark through Danish green card must meet all the required eligible criteria.

The Danish green card is usually based on the points based system. The skilled worker must qualify the following factors in the points based system.

• Age
• Adaptability
• Work experience
• Education
• Language proficiency


• 30 points for graduation
• 50 points for one year master degree
• 60 points for two year master degree
• 80 points for PHD

Work experience

• 15 points will be given for work experience

Language proficiency

• 30 points if you are proficient in Swedish/Danish/English/Norwegian

Age and adaptability

• 15 points each will be given
The skilled worker has lot of benefits if they have Danish green card.
• The skilled worker can get their dependents along
• The skilled worker can sponsor their family members
• The skilled worker is allowed to visit the Schengen countries without a visa
• The skilled worker can apply for extension of visa
• The skilled worker is allowed to apply for a permanent residence after a period of time
All this can be possible if the skilled worker obtains a Denmark green card and work in Denmark. Opulentus is right here to help the skilled workers in obtaining the visa.

Opulentus process the visa of the clients on their behalf and ensure that they check if all the requirements are met accordingly.


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