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Europe allow visa-free travel for turkey from 4th may if terms met

If turkey stop the uncontrolled migration into Europe then the visa free travel of Turkish  into EU will be possible. The European Union’s executive declared it in a press conference. Ankara has to meet the remaining term and conditions of the immigration deal.

The European commission reported that there were lot of improvement had been made but more commitments needed Sustainable returns of migrants are from Greece to turkey and to settle the refugees of Syria from turkey directly to EU.

The commission did not inform how many benchmarks have been completed by the Turkish out of 72 for the liberalization of visa issue. But one thing he cleared that there are lot more agreements still to be complete.

 The requirements include decreasing a backlog of asylum applications, providing the legal access to the refuges for the labor market; improve the strategies of visa for the country of high migration risk and taking the necessary action to protect fundamental rights. But these things are still not fulfilled by turkey.

The migration commission said that to meet all the benchmarks may not be possible as of now. But the improvement is really good. If the development is going such a way then turkey can easily met all the 72 bench marks .The only matter of discussion is the improvement of compliance on Ankara.

The prime minister of turkey said that Ankara is fulfilling the agreement of the deal but the Europeans did not meet their part. If it will continue then turkey would stop applying its side of bargain.

The commission proposes to give the third visa liberalization progress report to turkey on 4th may to inform turkey to take immediate action to fulfill remaining benchmarks. Then the report can be analyzed for the legislative proposal to add turkey in visa free list.

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