Express Entry


Express Entry a new road map for Canada Immigration

The new selection process for Canada immigration called the Express entry system had been designed to select skilled workers for immigration in a more rapid and organized manner.
Express entry came into being in January 2015 which forecasts Canada to be able to meet it’s current and future labor market demand while securing long-term economic growth.
Express Entry is a mechanism used by IRCC(Immigration, Refugees, and citizenship Canada) to manage multiple application for permanent residence.

It is not an immigration system; rather it is a system used by the  (IRCC) to handle several request for permanent residence under the federal economic immigration programs:

– Federal Skilled Worker Class
– Federal Skilled Trades Class
– Canadian Experience Class

Express entry is an electronic process which contains both federal and regional government along with Canadian employees.

Express Entry enable candidates to register electronically by giving the following information:

– Skill-set
– Work experience
– Educational background
– Languages known
– Abilities

The best part about Express Entry is that Canadian employers will get an access to the Express Entry pool of relevant aspirants that offers the possibility for employers to recruit and provide jobs to applicants that have the necessary skills or abilities that they are looking at. If a candidate gets a job offer from a firm in Canada, they will then be called to apply for Permanent Residency based on the quality of employment.

Express Entry pool have been ranked according to a comprehensive Ranking system, according to following factors:

– Core Human Capital management
– Accompanying spouse or common-law partners
– Skill Transferability factors
– Regional nomination or a qualifying offer of arranged employment.

The Canadian government would select the candidate according to CRS score through the Express Entry process.

A total of 1,200 points can be accumulated under the Comprehensive Ranking System
Canadian permanent residency are invited for candidate with highest ranking  application scores and those with authentic job offers or regional nominations. A period of 90 days is given to candidates to complete their application, and the applications will be considered within six months.

The different Canadian Provinces will also be able to chose and select candidates registered under Express Entry to meet their local labor market conditions through their regional Nominee Programs