How can Canada PR help you achieve your goals


As rightly said,Goal is a dream with a deadline.So in order to embrace yourself with a lucrative opportunity Canada Permanent Residency Visa offers you with several flexible immigration channels to attain a good employment offer.

There are various programs under Canada Immigration which offers Permanent Residency to the niche profiles showcasing strong skill-set and the best candidature to be to able fit in perfectly as a suitable candidate for Canada’s global scenario.

There are multiple programs which fall under the Canada Immigration which are

Express Entry System

Quebec Skilled Labour(QSWP)

Provincial Nomination Programs(PNP)

The above mentioned programs follow a point based scoring system for the candidates where the PR visa depends on the total points you score that are decided on certain parameters like Age,languages known,work experience,educational background are key factors analyzed.

How can you avail yourself a PR in Canada?

A permanent Resident Card in Canada is availed to immigrants if applicant fulfils all the necessary criteria under any of the above mentioned programs along with the requisite cut-off for CRS-Comprehensive ranking Score.It act as a proof under the circumstances if the PR holder is outside the country,which would be required in case if the card holder re-enters Canada,this will act as a special key for returning to Canada for the Immigrant.

Benefits of Canada PR

  • Have permission to study,live or work in any of the province of Canada
  • Attain Citizenship in Canada
  • He/she can procure medical and various other social benefits.
  • He/She will be protected under Canadian Law.

The Don’ts of Canada PR

  • The Immigrants do not have any voting rights or participate in any political event
  • The level of security clearance could not be set high to get any job

Visa categories under Permanent Residency

There are various categories for which Permanent residency Visa can be applied

  • Skilled Immigrants through Express entry
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian experience Class
  • Provincial Nomination program -PNP
  • Quebec skilled worker Program
  • Family sponsorship
  • Investment program Running in Canada
  • Quebec selected skilled Workers

All the above information is permanent Residency (PR) in Canada at a glance,which would enable your personality to add more colours with line of work you aspire to be in Canada Permanent Residency is a stepping stone to success