Germany Jobseeker Visa Process


Why to approach Opulentus for German job seeker visa process

Germany Jobseeker visa - opulentusAre you planning to seek a job in Germany? Then, the first question that buzzes in your mind how to move to Germany and seek a job over there? The best answer for this query is obtaining a Germany jobseeker visa. It is a known fact that process of obtaining a visa is not an easy process. Specialized team assistance is required to get the visa approval. Opulentus immigration consultants are specialized individuals who assist individuals in each and every phase of Germany visa process

Need of Germany jobseeker visa:

Germany job seeker visa

Many individuals aspire to move abroad in seek of the job to gain better career opportunities. Germany is one of the leading destination nations that offer excellent job opportunities for the overseas nationals. People from overseas should obtain a Germany job seeker visa in prior to entering and seeking a job in Germany.

Germany job seeker visa enables over nationals to reside and work in Germany for a period up to six months to seek a job. Germany Jobseeker Visa is a scheme launched by Federal Government to encourage a huge number of skilled professionals from overseas nations to come to Germany. Germany Job seeker Visa came into effect on 1 August 2012 for student graduates who have German degree or other standard university degree or a foreign degree equivalent to German degree. Opulentus immigration and visa consultants assists individual in their Germany jobseeker visa process.

Germany Job seeker Visa Requirements:

German jobseeker visa requirements - opulentusThe following are the some of the basic requirements of Germany Job seeker Visa.

  • Standard degree or a foreign degree equivalent to German degree
  • Sufficient funds
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Not allowed to work in Germany on Germany Job seeker Visa

Germany Job seeker benefits

Germany immigration - Germany job seeker Benefits

  • Allows visa holders to reside in Germany and seek an employment
  • No job offer letter is required to apply for Germany Job seeker Visa
  • Can stay in Germany for six months

Why Opulentus?

If you are unable to understand and implement these requirements you can approach Opulentus immigration and visa consultants who are always ready to assist you and guide you in each and every phase of visa process. They explain the complete process of Germany jobseeker visa and remain applicants throughout the successful visa process. Approach Opulentus immigration consultants for better job seeker visa assistance.


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  6. From day one everything was clear and precise. I just prepared the documents what they have told. My Case Officers were very helpful in the processing stages which helped me to submit the Application to Germany on time.

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