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Hey all, this is Christopher from Canada. Basically from India, I settled in Ottawa for quite some time. I am now a Canadian citizen. I recently wanted to go India and I approached the Indian based visa consultancy in Canada, Opulentus. Going to other visa consultancies is a costly affair. So my obvious reason to approach Opulentus was low processing fee.

As the fee was low, I somehow thought that the response would not be that perfect.  I went to Opulentus with all the required documents. They agreed to process the visa and gave me the bill for the fees I paid. Further, they gave a document that contained all the contact numbers, different departments and their email ids. This was something I never expected.

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Further, Opulentus immigration specialists used to send me emails regularly about my status. I was really impressed with their response and the customer service.

After I got the visa, they sent me a congratulations note. I also came to know about their post landing services. I am sure that would be great too. Anyways, I will definitely recommend Opulentus for their good service.

Keep up the good work Opulentus. Cheers!

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