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According to the latest figures, more than 2000 immigrants have settled in Lanarkshire during the period of one year.

The figures are revealed in a study of 2011 census by the Office for National Statistics Scotland.

On a whole, 1161 immigrants have immigrated to South Lanarkshire from overseas, whereas in neighboring North Lanarkshire, received another 886 immigrants.The total populace in South Lanarkshire was 313,900.

With 1161 inhabitants entering, this means that there were 3.7 immigrants for every 1000 of populance.

The common nation from which most of immigrants hailed was India i.e. a total of 103 individuals. The overall populace of North Lanarkshire was 337,720 earlier. With 886 inhabitants entering, this means that there were 2.6 immigrants for every 1000 of populance.

In North Lanarkshire, the most common country from where immigrants came was Poland– a total of 209 people.

On a whole people from 89 countries has made South Lanarkshire as their home. Scotland has considered as leading immigration destination in the UK.

A total of 61,000 immigrants relocated to the nation from overseas. Previously, the population of Scotland was below 5.3 million this means that there were 11.5 overseas nationals for every 1000 people in 2011 – the highest figure for one of the four UK nations. After that, England received a highest number of immigrants i.e. 11.3 immigrants for every 1000 residents, followed by Northern Ireland representing 7.6 and Wales representing 6.7.

The highest levels of immigration were seen in Aberdeen and Edinburgh at Scotland each with 34 immigrants per 1000 residents.

Throughout the UK, a total of 687,000 people relocated from overseas in the year leading equal to the census, at a rate of 11 per 1000 residents

The major source of immigrants coming to the UK were from India accounting 45,968 subsequently America by 43,433 and then Poland by 40,293.

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