Malaysian government to facilitate visa norms for Chinese


Malaysia to facilitate new visa rules and regulations for Chinese touristsAs per the new reports given by Malaysian government in the press meet on Thursday, they have agreed and planned to ease the visa rules and regulations for Chinese travelers visiting the nation.

The cabinet ministry of Malaysia wants Home Ministry to further have a brief study on the new move, according to local media reports. The sources also revealed that simplifying of visa rules and regulations for Chinese tourists aids in enhancing the country’s economy and in the boosting the mutual relationship between both the nations.

Malaysia is a top-notch destination that has diverse cultures, traditions and cosmopolitan areas. It is one among other developed nations that has less crime rate and wide-range of stupendous attractions. Currently it is the turn of Malaysia to go behind Indonesia that has eased the visa rules and regulations for overseas tourists, according to the Malaysian union of Tour and Travel Agents, Hamzah Rahmat.

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