Opulentus offers best support for Denmark green card process


I am here to share my experience how Opulentus helped me to get my Denmark Green card. I approached Opulentus when I wanted to go to Denmark under Denmark Green card scheme. As a lay man I’m not aware of process and requirements and hence contacted Opulentus to help me out in this aspect. I am not familiar with all the processes and requirements. Since the day 1, I got good support and assistance from them. They told me about all the requirements and step by step procedure to be followed at the time of lodging application.

They updated me with all the Denmark news and updates. I was guided well for all the processes and I got very good assistance from them. The visa experts were so friendly and supportive and helped me through all the phases of immigration process. I was guided well and all the process went so smooth through emails. Everything went via mail and all the process was so easy and simple.

They have explained me about all the Denmark green card requirements and filed my application by complying with all the requirements and procedures. At last I got my application processed and granted a visa under Denmark green card.

The entire credit goes to Opulentus and its team who guided me through all the phases of Denmark green card process.  Big thanks to the whole team.

Thank you very much.


  1. If you avail the services at Opulentus, you are bound to return in future to them alone because of their outstanding work environment and ethics.

  2. Thank you Opulentus for helping me to navigate through the whole process easily. Your advices were helpful to me during each and every phase. Thanks to the team.

  3. Thank you Opulentus for helping and making me know the complete details of Denmark green card process. Many thanks to the whole team of experts.

  4. As soon as I lodged my visa application, Opulentus allotted me a case officer, who was in touch with me all throughout my visa process. Thanks to the help desk for their assistance.

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