US to relax H1B visa rules


OpulentusThe government of US has announced two proposals which include the rule of extending the employment authority of certain H1B workers in order to attract and retain skilled immigrants from countries such as India.

The administration of Obama has peacefully made the public its firm to use the executive authority to grant the new rules for H1B spouses and the new rules will allow the dependent spouses to appeal for a employment authority as long as they are married with to the H1B workers.

The law of United States has allowed to the employers to bring in the skilled workers through H1B visas.

The department of homeland security considers that this new rules will attract business and investment, and make sure that the country has most skilled workers worldwide.

In the previous years the USCIS granted over 65,000 H1B visas which was popular among the IT professionals and IT services.

US extend employment authorization to spouses of H-1B workers. New rules allow dependent spouses to request employment authorization

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