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Getting USA visitor visa is easy with Opulentus

Are you planning a trip to USA? Do you want to find information about USA visitor visa? Well, Opulentus is here to help you.

Why choose Opulentus?

Established in 2001, Opulentus has been offering excellent immigration and visa services to potential immigrants. As most of the people are showing interest towards migrating overseas, Opulentus has made its debut to help prospective immigrants to realize their dream. Till today, we have assisted thousands of individuals who wish to settle in various countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, South Africa, Austria, etc. Our certified visa professionals deal immigration matters and offer unrivaled assistance throughout the immigration process.

To visit USA, one should obtain a visitor visa that allows them to enter the country legitimately. There are two types of USA tourist visas– B-1 and B-2. The first type of visa is for individuals who wish to visit USA for business purposes, whereas, B-2 is another type of tourist visa that allows you to visit friends, families, relatives and other proposes.

US visitor visa requirements:

To obtain USA visitor visa, you need to abide by certain rules and conditions which include:

• Valid travel document
• You should prove that you are visiting USA for either business or pleasure purposes.
• Applicants must hold enough funds to meet their expenses during their stay in the country
• You must convince the visa officer that you will return to home place as soon as you finish your work in the US
• You must demonstrate that you have social or economic ties or residence outside the US
• Round-trip ticket

Opulentus will explain all the procedures that are needed to be followed by the applicants. With our guidance, you can easily navigate through all the phases of process.


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    1. If your visa got damaged accidentally, you will need to reapply for a new visa. In case you have received your visa recently, you may not need to undertake new interview.

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