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India to roll out first phase of e-visa scheme
Posted on: 12 Nov 2014  |   Tags: e – visa scheme , electronic visas , VoA scheme ,

Immigration news - OpulentusIndia is working on the first phase of electronic visas for around thirty countries. Electronic travel authority will allow the international tourists who wish to tour India to apply visa through online and get the conformation within five working days. Sources reveled that, the first set will include countries from different regions of the world and an announcement will be made soon. In India’s first electronic visa list few European countries, the US, Asia, Africa Argentina and Brazil are likely to be named. These are among the 11 countries which are offered with VoA. Sources also reveled that Australia is also likely to be include in the e-visa list with the visit of prime minister Narendra Modi. Due to certain technical reasons, the UK might not to be able to make in the first list of the scheme. On the other hand UK makes up to 11 percent to the total foreign travelers entering India. Presently India provides VoA scheme for international tourists travelling from the chosen 11 countries.

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