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Opulentus offers amazing assistance in Canada work permit process

Are you planning to work in Canada? Then, you need to obtain a Canada work permit to work and stay in Canada. In order to obtain Canada work permit individuals need to undergo successful visa process for which Opulentus immigration consultancy is there. Opulentus is the leading immigration and visa consultants that assist individuals in their immigration process not only for Canada but also for the other nations across the world.

Canada work permit:

Canada has geared up to open its doors to overseas skilled individuals to reside and work in Canada. However, an overseas national need to obtain a Canada work permits prior to their arrival to the country in order to work and stay in Canada for a certain period of time.

Canada Work Permit is structured for overseas skilled employers with a valid job offer from employer in Canada. Canada Work Permit does not allow the visa holder to settle in Canada permanently. The validity period of this visa exits till the job offer or employment bond is intact.

Canada work permit requirements:

The following are the some of the basic requirements of the Canada work permit.

  • Valid Passport
  • Prior Job offer letter from employer in Canada
  • Employer must hold a labor market opinion (LMO)
  • Good health & character

If individuals are unable to understand or implement these requirements they can approach Opulentus for assistance and guidance.

Canada work permit features:

  • Can reside and work in Canada
  • Can engage in study courses
  • Can travel across the Canada
  • Main applicants spouse and dependent children can accompany them in Canada

Why Opulentus

The Canada immigration and visa services offered by Opulentus immigration consultants are genuine and fulfill the needs of the clients. Opulentus also offers best service in documentation and their processes are standard. In catering excellent Canada immigration services, the immigration consultants of Opulentus are the best in the world. They also clarify all the immigration issues and doubts of the individuals.  To make your immigration process successful to Canada approach Opulentus.


  1. I have completed my graduation recently and I am planning to move Canada for my higher education. Will you please help me out with the visa options and norms?

    1. You need to get whether the mail is genuine or not and must verify whether the job really exists in the country. This will help you to avoid facing struggles when you move to the country.

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