Opulentus Privacy Policy


Opulentus takes care of the entire application process and guides its clients for visa interview.

For more details regarding the immigration process contact Opulentus for assistance.

OPULENTUS strictly follows the commitment of protecting its client’s information, and has a fraud protection policy which makes sure to consider the client’s complaints; if there are any.

We understand the importance of preserving veracity and maintain confidentiality of the information and respect the clients’ privacy. Any information regarding personal or professional will not be disclosed.

The information given to Opulentus by its respective clients’ is kept confidential and well protected. If we have our clients’ personal details electronically, we assure our clients that it used only for professional purpose which we are engaged to do.

We will do not use our clients’ e-mail address or disclose any of our clients’ information which is personal or professional without the clients’ permission, our clients information is not used for marketing purpose or for solicitation or sold or given to anyone. Opulentus never provides any information of their clients except for the government officials involved in your visa processing.

Our clients are always welcomed to register with our website in order to get notified with our updates and new services. We assure our clients’ that we won’t spam their e mail inbox with our services and updates will be sent to clients’ inbox only when we receive clients’ consent.

Along with the fast moving generation our site also has an online payment service, which is handled by the Opulentus fraud protection to ensure our clients can do the payment without any obstacle or stress.

Opulentus has taken many security measures to protect the loss and misuse against the information. We use the best source and put in our best to prevent the spread of your information, as we are committed to our promise that we would protect the clients’ information. In case our client has any complaint against us, they can always approach us and get registered with the same user.

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