My journey with Opulentus – Austria


Hi, I am here to narrate my experience how Opulentus has helped me in getting Austria red white red card. I approached Opulentus when I am interested to go to Austria through red white red card scheme. But I am not familiar with all the procedures and requirements. I don’t know even a single procedure and formalities to be followed and things to be done.

Opulentus has very good team of immigration counselors in place who handles all the requirements. They have studied my profile and said that I can easily get my application approved. They have explained me about entire process and procedure and guided me well throughout the process.

I submitted all the requested documents and taken up all the tests to qualify for processing the application. They backed me very well which made me to navigate easily throughout the process. I was inspired by the way they have worked and helped me in processing the visa.

They were very supportive and advices provided to me were really helpful. I felt that the processing free is too low when compared to other consultants. Your help is unforgettable and offered me the best assistance over all the times.

Finally, you made my application processed without any hurdles and troubles. Thanks to the whole team for assisting and guiding me well for the visa process. Thank you so much for helping me in getting my Austria red white red card. Thank you very much to the whole team.


  1. Opulentus has taken care of the entire visa processing and my documentation. I am very satisfied with their quality of work and will surely get back to them in future.

  2. Opulentus is the gateway to your dream career. I can vouch for them because of the excellent experience I had when it came to handling my documents and aiding me in visa approval.

  3. The personalized service given by Opulentus professional was really excellent. I really appreciate their service. Thankyou Opulentus for assisting me to achieve my goal of living and working in austria.

  4. The only visa consultancy that is best in industry of visa processing is Opulentus. Thanks for your support for processing my visa application at the earliest from experienced hands.

  5. Thanks to the team at Opulentus, all my doubts regarding obtaining a visa were cleared. They instilled great confidence in me.

  6. I approached Opulentus when I was in need of Dubai tourist visa. As a lay man I don’t know anything about immigration procedure. I sought guidance from Opulentus, which had helped me to navigate easily through all phases of immigration. Thanks a lot.

  7. There is no other brand name in the field of visa and immigration apart from Opulentus that you can trust. I can safely say that based upon my recent experience with them.

  8. Services of Opulentus are excellent. The visa counselors are highly professional and assisted very well at all stages. Thanks a lot.

  9. With a passion of working in overseas nation I have learned few courses recently and I am planning to move Austria the coming on work permit, can you experts suggest me the visa option that would be helpful to me?

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