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The Malaysian tours and travel agents has been influencing the government to discharge a short term visa for the Chinese travelers during the coming lunar New Year period, in the interest to boost the arrivals from the market.

Hamzah – The visa waivers and the dispensation are striking ways to encourage the travelers to visit and spend a part of time in a particular place.

He also said that they won’t miss an opportunity of boosting their tourism and stimulates their economy by discharging a six month visa for the Chinese tourists especially for the coming lunar New Year.

He gave an example of Thailand and Japan where the growth in the graph was clearly shown in the tourism arrivals after the scrapping of the visa regulations.

Tourists from China have reduced from January to July by 11.8 percent which followed by the loss of Beijing bound Malaysian airlines and Sabah kidnappings – minister of tourism and culture, Mohamed Nazri.

The reactions from the trade to Malaysian tours and travel agents call has been mixed.

MATTA has been influencing the government to implement a short term visa for the Chinese travelers, in order to increase the boost in the tourism market.

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  1. Opulentus has helped me a lot and my parents with the visa processing and I really like they way they handled things. Thanks a lot Opulentus.

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