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Opulentus is a leading visa consultancy that has been offering world-class visa services for over a decade. Established with an aim to erase immigration blues of laymen, Opulentus successfully processed tones of visas to various countries.  The clients of Opulentus are spread across different continents.


Started in India, Opulentus soon spread its wings across the globe. It currently has offices in

  • USA
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • India and
  • Canada

Opulentus holds a record of processing all visas to UK, USA, Australia and Canada successfully. Also, we have processed over 90% of conversions in USA CPT program in 2008-09 from Asia.  We are committed to excellence, and that’s the reason why we were able to process the highest number of HSMP visas so far.


Opulentus post landing services:

Apart from visa processing, Opulentus offers post landing services to all countries except for New Zealand as we don’t process New Zealand visas. Our clients who avail post landing services would be picked up at the airport on landing and dropped at their house in the foreign country, which we search and get the formalities done on their behalf. Also, we keep in touch with clients until they are completely settled.

Opulentus Immigration Services and Guidance:

Although we are visa consultants, our prime motto is ‘client’s satisfaction.’ Therefore, we ensure that the client is happy with the decision he/she makes. Whenever we come across customers with vague aspiration such as ‘migrating to overseas,’ Opulentus guidance team would seek further details such as the purpose of migration, etc. based on which it would suggest the best countries migrate to. Accordingly, the client can opt the country of his/her based on our suggestions.

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