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South Africa moving swiftly to welcome more foreign students and professionals.

south-africa-moving-swiftly-to-welcome-more-foreign-students-and-professionals We probably intend to work and settle in countries like USA, Australia & UK. The economics and policies don't rename constant for any stand-alone country; they get fluctuates depends on various factors influencing. The USA is the leading in the world it decides the rest of countries economic situations. South Africa is coming into the fray in providing the quality lifestyle and education. Currently, though the high wealthy nations are unstable with both the economy and politics. Despite this graph moving negatively, South Africa is accepting international students and Investors who would like to pursue higher studies and be an Entrepreneur.

The statistics report shows that almost from Ten years South Africa encouraged eight thousand foreign immigrants to study, work and settle in this country. In 2014 it set new norms and immigration policies favorably accepting numerous applications. The education standards are intensifying equal to global standards mark and yielding lots of opportunities for international students to thrive the career to the next level. Yet South Africa is need of more immigrants because of the shortage of skilled workers due to this it made immigration process ease for the foreign applicants. Once having a working experience of five years in SA can apply for the Permanent residency visa, this allows PR visa holder to stay in the country without further more visa complications, and these same benefits are carry forward to the family member like spouse and children.   Some of the occupations in the critical skills list:-
  • Agricultural Scientists
  • IT roles
  • Engineering
  • Health professionals
  • Life and Earth Sciences
  • Technicians
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Trades
  • Academics and Researchers

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