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Study in Sweden:

Many international students tend to get attracted by the culture and lifestyle of Sweden and plan to continue their further studies in Sweden. The country welcomes students from different parts of the world irrespective of their caste, origin and race. The literacy rate in Sweden is high and believes in providing quality of education. Every foreign student who wants to pursue their higher education in Sweden must attain a

Sweden student visa which gives the foreign students permission to study in Sweden till the time the student finishes the respective course. Foreign students whose course extends more than three months should apply for resident permit in Sweden, for their stay in Sweden.

Sweden student visa

Foreign student who is not a citizen of EU nation needs to attain a Sweden student visa in order to enter the country and pursue your higher studies.

If the course of the student extends more than three months in Sweden then the student should apply for resident permit before entering Sweden.

Opulentus can help the clients by assisting them through the entire visa processing and even guide them

Requirements for student visa in Sweden

  • If the foreign national is not a citizen of EU nation and want to study in Sweden, then the foreigner must apply for Sweden student visa.
  • If the foreign national is a citizen of EU nation and the course the student chose I more than 90 days then the student will require a resident visa in order to entry and study in the country.
  • If the foreign national is a citizen of EU country then the student needs a visa to enter Sweden.

Documents required for resident permit in Sweden:

  • Proof of payment of the first installment of the tuition fee
  • Copies of the pages of the students valid passport
  • Acceptance letter from the respective Sweden university that the student has applied for
  • Proof of your medical insurance in Sweden.
  • Proof of funds to pay the fee
  • Photographs
  • Police clearance

Opulentus being a leader in the visa industry, will guide their clients to get through the process and submit the clients documents on behalf of them through a systematic and standard process.


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