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Best places for study and work in Sweden

Searching for the best jobs and universities in abroad? Well, you can approach to opulentus for the best suggestion for every individual. Sweden is the 3rd largest land area among the European countries.  Sweden is also one of the best lands of the education and job search place to approach.

Apart from the education and working we can even find many tourist places in Sweden. Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Wallander Ystad are the very exciting places to visit in Sweden. It is meant for the Germanic ethnicity and culture as a homeland. It is famous for the world’s greatest pop bands and singers which many people are addicted to.

List of top Universities for study in Sweden

Chalmers University of technology, KTH, university of Gothenburg, karolinska institutet, Lund University, Uppsala University are the best universities of Sweden.


AstraZeneca, Skype, Peepoople, Spotify, Wrapp, Solvatten, H&M, IKEA, Ericsson is some of the best companies to work over Sweden



The students who are willing to study in Sweden are needed to apply for a visa depending on the length of the stay in Sweden. The student s who are willing to study for 3 months or less than three months should apply for a visa, if they want to study more than three months they are required to apply for a residence permit.


Sweden work permits allow to work and live for maximum two years, further which can also be extended. For the applying work permit over Sweden you need an employment offer from the Sweden. The employment offer includes the position and the other required details about the employment.



  • 2 Passport size photos
  • 2 copies of passport
  • Acceptance letter from the university of Sweden and copy
  • 2 copies of qualification certificates (educational degree, college, school…Etc)
  • Confirmation letter (original and copy)  from the sponsor of the studies
  • 2 copies of bank statement

 Work visa:

  • Copy of passport
  • Completed application form
  • Offer of employment
  • Receipt of application fee payment


Opulentus provide best guidance and support to the clients who approach. It is the leading and prospered visa providers not only in India also in other popular nations. It provides genuine visas to each and every client. It suggests the client with the eligibility for choosing the right visa and right country.

Canada Visa Assistance

I always wanted to go Canada to explore the beauty and experience the culture of the country. I always forced my mom to let me go there, but she never allowed. She told me after reaching a certain age she would definitely travel alone. Days passed, years passed. Finally when I was old enough, I convinced my parents somehow and got permission to go.

The worst part was the documentation. I had no idea about the formalities and then my friend suggested me to approach Opulentus. I immediately contact Opulentus and visited their office and explained my situation. They said nothing to worry and took care of all my documentation, even helped in gathering documents for my visa.

They ensured that they met all my requirements timely regarding the visa processing. The customer care support at Opulentus is just so amazing that they took time and explained me the entire processing as how it is done and other requirements. As I was young, they took special care of me. They even offered me post landing service, which is an amazing deal. I never expected any visa consultancy to be so flexible and help their client so much.

They supported me throughout the process. Opulentus team has also trained me for the visa interview and ensures that I got through it. I thank the entire team and my case officer for the immense help, support and the guidance they have provided. You guys are the best and I would surely recommend you guys to those who are in search of getting their visa processing done through the hands if an expert. You rock.

Requirements and features of Australia skilled independent visa

Would you like to migrate to Australia permanently? Do you know which visa you need to opt for? Well, Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189 would be the right choice to choose. Australia is a leading nation with robust economic growth as well as ample job opportunities. The nation has always been a dream destination for several immigrants. Down under is a best place not only for the tourism but also to begin a new life. The country is also known for its rich heritage, excellent climate, amazing employment opportunities and multiculturalism.

Australia skilled immigration 

Australia has emerged as a most-sought after destination for skilled immigrants. At present, the country is experiencing skill scarcities in various occupations. Thus, individuals with valid experience in such occupations can apply for one of the skilled immigration programs. Of different skilled immigration programs, skilled independent visa subclass 189 is one of the major programs preferred by most of the immigrants.

Australia skilled independent visa 

Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189 visa is a permanent visa granted for skilled individuals who have in demand skills in domestic labor market. This visa allows overseas citizens to dwell and work in Australia enduringly. People can travel to and from Australia for five years on this visa. Individuals PR status will not get affected because of visa expiry, if they are living in Australia. However, if individuals want to travel as Australia permanent residents even after the initial visa expiration they should get Resident Return Visa (RRV). Individual’s eligibility for RRV depends on the period they resided in Australia.  Australia subclass 189 visas is a points-based test for skilled employees who do not possess an employer or family member sponsorship or nominated by state or a territory government.


To apply for Australia skilled independent visa people should submit an Expression of Interest via SkillSelect. People who acquire invitation can apply for Australia skilled independent visa 189. Besides receiving invitation individuals must also abide by the following Requirements. 

  • Nominated occupation should be present on skilled occupation list (SOL)
  • Must get suitable skills evaluation for that particular profession
  • Age must be under 50 years
  • Must secure at least points specified in the invitation letter based on the features in the points test
  • At least competent in English language

Australia skilled independent visa features 

  • Can dwell and work in Australia permanently
  • Can become eligible to apply for Australia citizenship
  • Can attain medical and health care benefits
  • Access to social security expenses
  • Can sponsor people for acquiring Australia PR 

Besides meeting the aforesaid requirements, applicants should score at least 60 points to migrate to Australia. Points will be awarded depending on the factors such as English language, age, educational qualifications, Nominated Skilled occupation and others.

Why Opulentus 

Visa consultants of Opulentus are experienced and talented individuals. They assist individuals by providing latest rules and regulations. Individuals who approach Opulentus gain a complete knowledge on immigration and get satisfied with the services. All the issues and problems related to immigration will be resolved by the professionals of Opulentus

Opulentus helpful hand in my Germany student visa

Germany is a world-class destination that is surrounded with stupendous attractions, resplendent crystal clear beaches, high rising buildings and landscapes. Every year tons of individuals from across the globe flock to this nation to enjoy its picturesque allures and career and employment prospects. It is one among other developed nations that has low crime rate and attractive career opportunities.

Higher education in German universities:

German institutions and colleges provide first-rate education and study programs in diverse fields such as law, agriculture, nursing, information technology, business, medicine and many others. Obtain internationally recognized degrees from the top ranked universities of Germany by undertaking stupendous choices. Renowned institutions of the country offer balanced academic training programs from professional hands. Their colleges are not only known for offering practical education but also known for proffering on-job experience in regional organizations.

Study programs of German universities:

Few of the popular programs offered by its universities are bachelors, masters, PhD and internships.

Bachelors: In order to obtain the admission for same bachelor program in German universities, one has to qualify in the evaluation test conducted by the universities after the completion of bridge program.

 Masters Degree: Based on the type of course that he or she has chosen, the course duration varies i.e. it may be two years or one year. To stand on top in the international job market, one has to undertake the second-degree programs from its universities in the fields of scientific, arts or technical.

PhD programs are the third-level degree programs which one can undertake based on his or her interest. The last but not the least one is internship program where one can avail the benefit of practical work experience of an organization.

International students pursuing their studies in its top universities can avail many benefits such as can come across new culture, enhance your language skills, can grow personally, academically and professionally, can make lifelong friends, a prospect to see the world, will attain the ability to face the challenges and many more.

Individuals willing to relocate to this peaceful nation must obtain the student visa of the country by gaining knowledge on the visa requirements by surfing net or by consulting the professional immigration consultants such as Opulentus to fulfill your dreams at the earliest.

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is a budding immigration consultancy in India that offers best services in industry to individuals from across the nation. They have professionals who offer focused, reliable and dedicated services to its clients. Their experts work hard collaboratively to make their clients’ dreams come true at the earliest.

Work in Austria with EU Blue card

The Central European country of Austria is a federal republic and dates back to the pre-Roman times. Rich in historic lines and known for its natural beauty, Austria is the 12th richest nation in the world in terms of GDP. Popular for its alpine climate, picturesque lakes and many tourist hot-spots, Austria is a delight for tourists. However, travelers are not the only ones who are attracted to this country. Many people flock to this destination with the intention of settling down. Being one of the leaders in world economy, Austria provides ample work opportunities to individuals who are willing to explore their skills and potential here. If you are also seeking out for an opportunity to work in Austria, you can avail this benefit by applying for an EU Blue card. Take the help of Opulentus consultancy to make your transit easier.

Austria EU Blue Card

In order to get engaged in highly-skilled jobs in Austria, you must either hold a Red-White-Red card or possess an EU Blue card, both of which are residence permits for the country. Third-country citizens who have finished their education of duration more than three years at institutions of tertiary studies and who have an annual salary exceeding 55,975 Euros are eligible for an Austria EU Blue Card.

For Non-EU citizens, immigration to Austria using the EU Blue card can happen if the following conditions are met:-

  • Have completed a course of education of three year’s duration
  • Proof of a job offer which is of highly qualified nature and lasts for minimum one year
  • Evidence that they can earn the requisite prescribed wage in their future employment
  • The labor market service should show that no suitable Austrian worker is able to meet the requirements of the vacancy

An EU Blue card is valid for 24 months, after which one can apply for the Austria Red-White-Red Card.

How Opulentus helps you?

Opulentus helps its esteemed clients by fulfilling their dreams of immigrating to an abroad destination like Austria. The entire staff and consultants work towards seeing that you get a positive response to your visa application. Opulentus, with its quality service at affordable rates is the answer to all immigration-related queries.

Opulentus amazing assistance in UK student visas process

Hi friends,

I am Sanjeetha, I am very thankful to Opulentus for assisting me in my UK student visa process. The visa consultants of Opulentus are experienced and talented individuals they remain with me throughout the visa process and explained each and every detail of visa process clearly.

From my childhood, I have a dream to study abroad, but due to the lack of knowledge in the immigration and visa process, I never proceeded for further process. I approached a number of immigration and visa consultancies for assistance but none of their services and suggestions matched with my requirements. One fine day, I met one of my friends, who recommended me to approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus. He showed me their reviews and said how they assisted him in his immigration process.

The next morning itself I walk into their office with all my documents. The way they addressed me was awesome a provided me a special case who could answer all my queries without any confusion. All my immigration and visa queries where solved. My special case officer assessed my profile completely and explained the complete details of immigration. I submitted all the documents and filled the UK visa application form. They remained with me throughout the immigration process and under their guidance within a short period of time I got my UK student visa.

Thanks to my Special case officer of Opulentus. After experiencing the services of Opulentus I am sure that there is no other visa consultancy as good as Opulentus. I suggest Opulentus to my friends and family members.

Thank you Opulentus!

Opulentus as prominent immigration consultancy

Opulentus is the fastest and emerging immigration consultancy with immigration experts who cater world class immigration and visa services to individuals, who are seeking to work, settle, study, invest and visit to a foreign country either on permanent or temporary basis. Our immigration and visa services are catered across the world to almost all the leading countries such as Canada, Australia, Denmark, the UK, the US and others. Immigration is a tedious and red tape process in order to get through the immigration process an expert like Opulentus, guidance and assistance is required.

Motto behind our establishment

Since its inception in 2001, Opulentus has been rendering its genuine and trust worthy immigration services to global clients. The main motto behind the launch of Opulentus immigration consultancy is to eliminate hurdles and hassles of immigration for immigrants. We believe in providing proper guidance and step-by-step explanation of immigration process for individuals. At Opulentus, we provide a complete knowledge of immigration for individuals for their destined immigration destination.

Our Aim

At Opulentus, we are not just working for money but also to gain good reputation and fulfill individuals overseas career dream. We reduce individuals stress by providing them the best solutions for the problems they face during immigration process.

Why Opulentus?

We value individual’s precious time and keep them informed with all the latest updates of their immigration status. To handle individual’s immigration process we assign an expert case officer who assess individuals profile completely and decide whether an individual is eligible for immigration or not. The following are some of the special qualities why individuals need to us among other immigration consultants.

  • Committed towards the services
  • Maintains transparency
  • Affordable charges
  • Hassle-free services
  • Step-by-step easy directing through the process
  • Swift and smart response for individual’s queries and issues
  • Easy evaluation of the qualification and other skills
  • Experienced immigration consultants

Immigration consultants of Opulentus are evolved themselves in such a way that within few years the company has received a number of clients from all over the globe. With tons of satisfied clients across the globe, we are one of the most steadfast immigration consultants and earned the trust of number of client’s with our amazing and genuine expert services and consultations.

Opulentus excellent assistance in UK visit visa process

Hi friends, I am Zeena, I would like to share my experience I had with Opulentus in my UK visit visa process. The immigration consultants of Opulentus are amazing. Their guidance and assistance for the individuals is superb. One word for them is there are marvelous in immigration industry. Opulentus is one stop destination for all sorts of immigration and visa services.

I am an Indian and working as a Software developer in a MNC company and always busy with hectic schedule. My brother is residing in UK on work visa. As, we all know that the Christmas celebrations will be greatly held in the UK, my brother invited me and thought of celebrating Christmas together this year. Even I thought that it’s the right time to take a break from my busy hectic schedule.

As, I have no idea regarding the UK visit visa process. So, I started seeking a leading immigration consultancy to process my visit visa application very soon. One of my friends suggested me to approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus for genuine and steadfast immigration services. I approached the immigration consultants of Opulentus the way they received me was outstanding. They explained me the entire visa process and guided me throughout the immigration process. Under their guidance and assistance I got my visa within a short period of time. Right now, I am in UK with my brother and eagerly waiting for Christmas celebrations.

Thanks to Opulentus!

My Dubai Visit Visa process under the guidance of Opulentus

 Opulentus TestimonialHi friends, This is Chandhana, I am here to share my amazing experience with Opulentus. The immigration consultants of Opulentus assisted me in my Dubai visit visa process.

I have a dream to travel Dubai to view its amazing tourist attractions. I was planning to visit Dubai from past five years I have applied visa two times once by myself and once by seeking assistance from some other immigration firm. But, unfortunately my visa got rejected twice and I was very disappointed.

One fine day I met one of my friends who suggested me to approach Opulentus for better and genuine assistance. I immediately approached Opulentus for assistance. They explained me the entire visa process and ensured that my visa process will be successfully completed. Under their guidance and assistance my visa got processed swiftly.

Opulentus immigration consultants gave me good support from day one from the time of lodging my visa application. The visa consultants of Opulentus are awesome. Every update of my visa status was reported to me by the consultants. My dream to visit Dubai has come true just because of Opulentus. I can say that Opulentus is the only one that renders excellent immigration and visa services for all global clients.

I was directed well in each and every phase my Visit visa process and my Dubai visit visa process went on smoothly through under the hands of Opulentus immigration and visa consultants. A big thanks to Opulentus, for an amazing assistance.

My journey with Opulentus – Austria

Hi, I am here to narrate my experience how Opulentus has helped me in getting Austria red white red card. I approached Opulentus when I am interested to go to Austria through red white red card scheme. But I am not familiar with all the procedures and requirements. I don’t know even a single procedure and formalities to be followed and things to be done.

Opulentus has very good team of immigration counselors in place who handles all the requirements. They have studied my profile and said that I can easily get my application approved. They have explained me about entire process and procedure and guided me well throughout the process.

I submitted all the requested documents and taken up all the tests to qualify for processing the application. They backed me very well which made me to navigate easily throughout the process. I was inspired by the way they have worked and helped me in processing the visa.

They were very supportive and advices provided to me were really helpful. I felt that the processing free is too low when compared to other consultants. Your help is unforgettable and offered me the best assistance over all the times.

Finally, you made my application processed without any hurdles and troubles. Thanks to the whole team for assisting and guiding me well for the visa process. Thank you so much for helping me in getting my Austria red white red card. Thank you very much to the whole team.