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UK government to relax the visa rules for Malawians - Opulentus

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The higher house of the British legislature which is the House of Lords asked the London government to relax the visa regulations for the travelers from Malawians with a legitimate reasons seeking for UK visas. Lord McConnell who is also a former minister for Scotland - the visa scheme rejects many travelers of Malawians from visiting UK.

He was also cited by the reporters on Tuesday saying that system is malfunctioned and is undoubtedly inconsistent and is deeply damaging in his point of view.

He stated that the measures taken are gratuitously compelling and from page 15 the application form which the travelers are suppose to fill, the jotting of passports to countries far away and the cashless system which instigate fee charges to use their credit card since people pay them cash and said that the poor people in the Malawian community month after month after being rejected to visit UK even if they have a legitimate reason.

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